Major Activities


Following are the major activities which the Society has been conducting continuously since its inception.


Since the year 1997 ACTION FOR SUSTAINABLE, EFFICACIOUS DEVELOPMENT AND AWARENESS, Rishikesh has been organizing conferences at regional, state and national level. It is one of the major activities under which the society organizes 2 to 3 days event and invite number of scholars, scientists and social workers.


In order to fulfil its objectives of spreading education and awareness, ASEA has been undertaking number of publications which have country-wide circulation. Some of them are as follows:

1. Environment Conservation Journal

Environment Conservation Journal aims to publish original research/ review papers/ Book reviews/ Reports on conferences/ seminars/ important events, news of interest/ information on forthcoming seminar/ books on the environment related aspects. It encourages submission of two categories of papers. The first category comprises scientific papers and second category comprises engineering papers. The study of environment is inherently multidisciplinary. Therefore, the Journal publishes wide range of topics. It is a high quality double-blind peer-reviewed refereed bi-annual (June & December) journal with p-ISSN: 0972-3099 and e-ISSN: 2278-5124 which publishes quality research papers on all aspects of life. It also raises the issues and provides the solutions to the problems related to environment, population, sciences and engineering in specific and social educational and other issues in general. The Journal has been listed in UGC-CARE list and Abstracted/ Indexed in Environmental Abstracts (U.S.A.), Pollution Abstracts (U.S.A.), Zoological Records (U.K.), Paryavaran Abstracts (India), Toxicology Abstracts (U.S.A.), Environmental Engineering Abstracts (U.S.A.), Aquatic Science and Fisheries Abstracts (U.S.A.), CAB Abstracts (U.K.), Indian Science Abstracts (India), Chemical Abstracts Services (U.S.A.), Indian Citation Index (India), Index Copernicus (Poland), EBSCO (U.S.), Google Scholar (U.S.) .

2. ASEA Year Book

ASEA Year Book is published on annual basis. The Year Book provides all the information regarding activities of ASEA. All major works done by the members of the society are also published in it.

3. Edited Books and Proceedings of Conferences

Time to time, some social publications are also published. ASEA publishes the edited proceedings in shape of book


The society identifies and honors six scientists from various disciplines for their recognized work in the field of environment and allied functional areas. ASEA recognizes them on the basis of criteria of their contribution and achievement in their respective fields by presenting a gold medal, memento and certificate of appreciation. The following are the awards which are presented every year.

1. ASEA Excellence Award
2. Govardhan Singh Memorial Environment Education Award
3. Mansa Devi Memorial Toxicology Award
4. ASEA Fisheries Award
5. ASEA Waste Research Award
6. ASEA International Environment Award
7. Junior Young Scientist Award (Male/ Female)
8. Senior Young Scientist Award (Male/ Female)


In the way of its objectives ASEA keeps organizing a number of other Town or District Level Activities on time to time basis. ASEA has its own identity in the region for organising various competitive activities among youth and students of schools such as poster, debate, essay writing and poetry competition. Tree plantation campaign, AIDS awareness camps, rallies and meetings at small level is a routine activity of the society.

In the past the Society and its members organized several programmes. The programmes topics covered by members are as under:

1. Cleaning and re-construction of road and drainage system in the rural areas.
2. Youth v/s Dirt and Diseases.
3. Spraying pesticides like DDT for malaria eradication in rural areas.
4. Computer Literacy Programmes in rural areas at large scale.

Members of the Society have an experience in organisaing such programmes. In the past the Society and its members organized several programmes. The programmes topics covered by members are as under:

1. Awareness against untouchability
2. Adult Education Programmes.
3. Members has organized UGC sponsored extension programme on Rural Industrialisation.
4. Family Planning by educating people living in Rural and Urban Slum Clusters.
5. Education for AIDS prevention through cultural programmes, radio talks and distribution of pamphlets, posters etc
6. A platform to exchange the ideas and studies ASEA organizes annual conference. It acts as major meeting for its members. The conference consists of sessions covering topic (specific and general) of environmental studies and pollution control.