About Us


Keeping in view the objective of creating awareness about the burning social issues among people and society by theory and action few enthusiastic college going young men formed ‘Yug Chetna’ as an unregistered volunteer organization in the year 1986. Since its inception Yug Chetna started functioning in the district of Dehradun and other neighbouring districts for creating awareness among the masses. YUG CHETNA conducted number of awareness programmes through poster-poetry-debate-essay competitions, street plays, theatre, workshops, seminars, camps and other similar activities.


Expanding its wings and making it more formal entity Yug Chetna got it registered in the name of Action for Sustainable, Efficacious Development and Awareness (ASEA), Rishikesh in the year 1995. The Society is registered under Societies Registration Act No. 21 of 1860 at Dehradun (Uttarakhand). The registration no. is 447/1995-1996. ASEA continued to engage itself in creating mass awareness to accomplish sustainable and efficacious development with social growth and up-liftment to comply with the main theme of objectives of the Society.

In the past, the founders and other members of ASEA organized a number of programmes in different parts of Garhwal Himalyas and actively participated in various sustaining programmes like earthquake rehabilitation, educational development and service to the people suffering from incurable diseases as leprosy. The participation by the members in many awareness programmes on individual or organizational level comprehend Famous Chipko Movement, Save the Ganga, Conservation of Water, and Natural Resources, Environmental Consciousness and Educational Programmes etc. The ASEA style of functioning has a unique feature. It takes people involvement as a main mantra for success of any policy or programme. The society believes that unless people are involved no policy can be implemented and made successful. That will help them in future and no longer will they remain dependent and unfit. Apart from the awareness, the Society is committed to provide technical knowledge and research based solution to the local problems related to economy, environment, development and self employment.